Cooling Fans 90 CFM
Fan Units are used for forced air circulation within rack for efficient cooling and forced ventilation. 2 or 4 nos. of 90 CFM fan is placed at the top of the rack providing better ventilation inside the rack.

Fixed Plain Vented Shelf
Mounting arrangements is through nut and bolt. Available in different depths (375 mm, 475 mm and 700 mm)

Sliding Key Board Shelf
Sliding type keyboard shelf is elegantly designed and used normally in server rack for placing keyboard and mouse.

Cantilever Shelf 19”
Used for providing compartments inside the rack for placing the equipments. Mounting arrangements is through nut and bolts. Available in different depths 1U / 275 mm depth and 2U / 400 mm depth)

19” Cable Manager with Loops
It is normally used for proper dressing of cables inside the rack. Majorly used in networking rack where switches and patch panels are mounted. Available in steel or PVC (1U and 2U)

Vertical Cable Channel
C- Type channel smartly designed and used in network cum server rack for proper cable management inside the rack. Available from 27U, 30U, 32U 36U, 42U and 46U
  Screw Leveling Legs Set
Adjustable leveling legs are provided (optional) at bottom of the rack, which ensure rack stability and balance if placed on uneven surface. Standard rack comes with 4 nos. of leveling feet having load carrying capacity of 500 kg to 750kg.

Castors with Brake & without Brake
Heavy-duty castor wheel required for moving the loaded rack inside the datacenter. Racks are provided with 4 nos. of heavy duty castors.

Captive Mounting Hardware
It is used for mounting network equipment and server inside the rack. Screws, cage nut and plastic cup wiser in M6 is used for mounting the equipment.
  Modem Rack
Majorly used for better space management in networking rack where number of small networking equipments are installed. Available in 19” rack mount model with slots for placing equipments.

Power Distribution Units (PDUs) :  (6AMP and 16AMP)
Available in horizontal or vertical type, power rating from 6 Amp, 6/16 Amp. Horizontal strip consist of 6 Amp/ 4 or 6 Sockets. Vertical strip consist of 6/16 Amp 12 or 15 sockets. Also available in Universal or IEC 320 type sockets.
  Earth Continuity Kit
It is used to provide earthing to the rack.
  Blank Panel 19”
1U, 2U, 3U, 4U, 5U 6U, 7U, 8U, 9U and 10U
Blank Panels are commonly used as a filler to fill unused gaps in the rack, normally mounted from front side.