JTI Server CoolRack (Aluminium Profile)


JTI manufacture an extensive range of server racks in heavy grade aluminum profiles that are powder coated in black color. The steel doors and side covers are also powder coated in black color.

JTI Server CoolRack - Front view with fully perforated steel door and front/back cable management facility

Better thermal management is possible as incoming cold air is not allowed to mix with hot air being exhausted from rack using high suction exhaust fans at the top. As the rear and both sides of rack are completely closed to prevent air leakages and cold air enter the rack through front perforated door, which forces cool air to pass through servers. 
Key Features
  • Standard 19" server Rack
  • Front steel doors fully perforated
  • Rear  plain steel door
  • Top cover with high suction 2500 RPM and total 1500 CFM fans
  • Cable entry provision from top and bottom
  • Plain side panels with slam latches
  • Adjustable 19” mounting angles at front and rear
  • Front and back cable management facility
  • Completely knock down (CKD) design for easy transportation and assembly
  • Load rating 1500 kg with  base frame
  • Height  :  42U
  • Width   :  600 mm
  • Depth   : 1200 mm
Material and Finish
  • The frame is made of heavy duty aluminum extrusions
  • All Black 
  • The advantage of this rack is cool air (Precision AC) is  utilized optimally thereby reducing running cost 
Basic Requirements
  • Precision AC and raised floor
  • False ceiling with clear return air path from rack to Precision AC
Floor Standing Rack Model Matrix Dimension
  • 1U = 44.45 mm 

Note :  Other models can be manufactured on request
The dimensions may vary with changes in the rack design  

JTI  Floor Standing Racks 600W (19”) - Dimension Matrix
JTI (600 W Floor
Standing Rack  Series)
Overall height Usable height Overall width Usable width Overall depth Usable depth
42U/600/1200 2023.9
top fan duct 250-480 adjustable +
base frame 100
1866.9 600 450  1200 810
front channel 125 +
back channel 200